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I'm a queer nonbinary demisexual kink practitioner with twenty years of professional experience in working with a wide range of expressions of human sexuality.

Along this path, I have served as a training consultant, performance coach, and professional dominatrix, with particular focus on personalized growth within goal-oriented client relationships. I have completed extensive lifestyle and professional alt sexuality training programs and workshops before moving into the role of an educator in these specialized areas myself.

It has been my pleasure to speak on sex work, kink, and BDSM at Columbia University, University of Texas, and University of Tennessee, as well as to contribute my knowledge within a wide range of classes centered for the sex work community. I have served as administrator and moderator for numerous related support groups and outreach programs, and as a consultant to a wide network of sex-positive mental health professionals.

I am a certified professional coach through City University New York. Please note that I am not a licensed therapist or a medical professional. Our focus is on therapeutic support with a focus on providing guidance and tools to enhance your personal growth and empowerment. I look forward to working together with you on your journey!


Jules Barry

Gender And Sex Coach LGBTQIA Jules Barry